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Audio Visual

Audio Visual

Posiflex | ITecSys Technologies

User-friendly Interfaces with revolutionary technology in PoS,  Kiosk and Peripheral Accessory Products. 

Global pioneer and leader in kiosk and Point of Sale (PoS) devices since 1984. Headquartered in Taiwan, POSIFLEX is on of the leading brands in the industry

Rugtek | ITecSys Technologies

PoS peripherals at a competitive

Positioned as an affordable luxury brand that offers the best of hardware at very competitive prices. Rugtek has a range of PoS peripherals.

Experience the simplicity of interactive learning.

It consists of a short throw interactive projector & a dual utility board with an interactive display. The setup is integrated with a PC module powered by an Intel® core i3 and conveniently fits into the provided metal rack.

Poly | ITecSys Technologies

Delivers boardroom quality conferencing in huddle room spaces

Video conferencing solutions which ranges from handheld solutions to room based devices.

Panasonic Business | ITecSys Technologies

Flexible videoconferences that meet your needs

Quick decision making and extensive information sharing are essential for today’s business. Panasonic HD Visual Communication (HDVC*) System supports them with efficient communication at a distance.

Samsung Smart | ITecSys Technologies

Display any content in ultra high definition with incredibly rich color on slim and efficient signage 

Smart Signage transcends the conventional viewing experience through realistic and compelling content. Backed by best in class picture quality, these displays bring creative ideas to life and enable businesses to deliver refreshing content that engages, informs and entertains. 

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